Who am I?

Marie-Pierre Dardouillet Agence Cépages communication

Passionate about wine, I have explored Burgundy during 10 years close to the vignerons and more especially Maison Louis Jadot for selling its wines at the export. Settled in Bordeaux, I am plunging in a new wine region as fascinating as Burgundy. Tastings, negotiating, organizing visits and promoting wines are my mainstay.

Since 2019, I have launched my own company with the will to share the stories of the men and the women behind the bottles with the wine lovers over the world. 

Talking about ourselves is always a tough exercice, this is why Cépages Communication exists! And for talking about me, I will turn it to them…  

« Me and my wife did a recent visit to Burgundy and had the absolute pleasure of having enjoyed a marvelous wine experience with Marie. We had done dozens of wine trips previously and we had never met someone so dedicated, passionate, friendly and with an integral view of her wine region as her. » Humberto Herrera