Cépages magazine

Preamble : All the texts and photos are the fruits of a personal, passionate, engaged and long-winded work. I thank you in advance for advocating for the respect of the artistic creation online. If you like my work and it is inspiring you projects, please contact me at marie@cepagescommunication.com. Any reproduction or partial copy is forbidden. 

The work of the winemaker is too often reduced to prices and press scores, we forget the person making our magical wine tasting moments possible.

After several years working for producers, travelling and talking about wine, I wanted to get back to the essentials : creativity, exchange and the individuals. This is how my project was born.

Who’s wine travels for interviewing and sharing moments with passionate men and women. It is an invitation to discover their background, their everyday job, their challenges, their values and the fruit of their hard work.

The interviews are written in English (en) or French (fr)

#16 Interview with Gianpaolo Girardi

Trento, Italy (en+fr)

#15 Interview with Nicolas Thienpont

Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux, France (en+fr)

#14 Interview with Guillaume Lavollée

Meursault, Bourgogne, France (en+fr)

#13 Interview with Manu Harit

Master Cigars (en)

#12 Interview with Ying Tan

Master of Wine, Singapore (en)

#11 Interview avec Solenn Génot

Roussillon, France (fr)

Caroline Frey

#9 Interview avec Caroline Frey

Bordeaux, France (fr)

#8 Interview with Marthe Henry Boillot

Meursault, Burgundy, France (fr)

#7 Interview with Armand Heitz

Chassagne-Montrachet, Burgundy, France (fr)

#6 Interview with Cyril Chirouze

Romanèche-Thorins, Beaujolais, France (fr)

#5 Interview with Silvia Altare

La Morra, Piemonte, Italy (en)

#4 Interview with Audrey Braccini

Pouilly Fuissé, Burgundy, France (fr)

#3 Interview with Félix Debavelaere

Rully, Burgundy, France (en)

#2 Interview with Jacques Lardière

Beaune, Burgundy, France (en)

#1 Interview with Carlotta Rinaldi

Barolo, Piemonte, Italia (en)