One face, many inspirations

Marie-Pierre Dardouillet Agence Cépages communication

Glasses, a square hair cut and a passion for wine that has driven me since 2007 during my first immersion at the Cave de Morgex in the Aosta Valley alongside the oenologist Gianluca Telloli. A real guide, like the one in the mountains, who makes you climb all the peaks.

In 2019, I created the Cépages Communication agency because I wanted to be in contact with winegrowers. They inspire me to the point that I decided to transcribe these inspiring exchange bubbles in a blog while waiting to create a paper magazine. Yes! For the love of the smell of paper, of the beautiful object that we touch and which makes us out of the corner of our eye on the table just like a beautiful bottle in the cellar.

I have the chance to rub shoulders with winegrowers, coopers, distributors with whom I speak the same language: the passion for wine and to have their confidence in the missions they entrust to me.

Originally from Beaune and living in Bordeaux since 2020, I like to navigate between these two very different regions and in the end, driven by the same desire: to delight palates around the world in the 75cl format!

After a hypokhâgne preparation and a Master’s degree in International Wine Trade, I explored Burgundy with its many winegrowers with Version Vin and then with Maison Louis Jadot for which I was responsible for the export area. Obtaining the WSET 3 and the various trips have fueled this desire to explore, encounters and exciting sharing.

Marie-Pierre Dardouillet

« Me and my wife did a recent visit to Burgundy and had the absolute pleasure of having enjoyed a marvelous wine experience with Marie. We had done dozens of wine trips previously and we had never met someone so dedicated, passionate, friendly and with an integral view of her wine region as her. » Humberto Herrera