#1 Interview with Carlotta Rinaldi

This week, I will bring you to discover who is hidden behind the bottles of Giuseppe Rinaldi, a name that makes dreaming any Barolo lovers. I have met Carlotta Rinaldi. With her sister, she has signed their first vintage as a duo in 2018, after the loss of their father “Beppe” during the summer 2018. I discover the “cantina”, an impressive house, in its original with an old collection car next to the entrance door. Carlotta is coming with her dog Vida, a Weimaraner who is following her everywhere. Nature always helps to implement a trustful relationship before the interview. So, we start in the vineyards and in the famous plot of “Le Coste” just behind the winery. The slope exposed to the South East offers a splendid view over the Langhe. The stage is set.  

Could you please introduce yourself and explain your background?

I joined the family estate in 2013. Before, I was studying agriculture and science in Italy. I spent some time abroad in Australia and New Zealand. I joined my father and my sister Marta who was already in charge of winemaking. Because of my interest in agriculture, I am now in charge of viticulture at the family domaine. 

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Was joining the family estate a natural choice for you? 

It was not an obvious step. The family business is a very small and working in this context basically takes over your life. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to study viticulture. The decision came years later when I was working abroad and I got deeper involved with viticulture. That was when I felt that it would be great to come back to the family business.

Who are the winemakers that inspire you?

When I was researching what could be done to improve the work in the vineyards, I went in Burgundy and I met Frédéric Lafarge. It was a fantastic moment. Watching videos or listening interviews of Madame Leroy also inspires me a lot. After, the stories from small producers in Italia who are in places that are less-known in Piemonte, with less famous terroirs or less known varieties than Nebbiolo inspire me too.

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What are you the most proud of?

I am very proud to have completely taken over the management of our domaines viticulture (with the treatment programs and the choices of what to do for the soils). It was an important victory for me because when I came back, my dad was still very involved and not always the easiest character to work with. He is very Piemontese which means that sometimes it is not very open to new ideas. It was a major achievement for me to do that. 

What is your favorite moment of the day?

Lunch (laugh). Depending on the day and the activity, we have lunch together as a family. But, having a walk in the vineyards with my dog (Vida), is definitely the best moment of the day. Titre

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Stream of consciousness 

  • Music : Jazz
  • Book : Everything but I like biographies 
  • Movie : Documentaries, thrillers. Movies by Tarantino and Sorentino 
  • Meal : Rabbit 
  • Vintage : 1996 
  • Grape : Treisa 
  • Destination: Madagascar 
  • Smell : Mint in the vineyards 
  • A perfect sunday : Walking in the vineyards with my dog

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